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It Is Best to Not Try To Stumble Through The Dark.

 Posted by Renee Anderson on June 14, 2019 at 10:23 AM

 Too often, when you face the need to move to where you can get more care, it feels like your world started spinning at warp speed. In my own family each time, with my in-laws, mom and uncle things became necessary to make quick decisions. It required trying to figure out how, where, what, we were going to do. We knew when, it had to happen NOW. We knew why, because the current situation was no longer safe for them. 

 This then required barnstorming looking at senior living facilities that fit their needs, geographically, financially, aesthetically, lifestyle wise, but most important that the services provided was top notch and fit their health needs. This in itself is an overwhelming job. The good news, is there are services out there that will help guide you without a cost to you. Ask about them, you can Google "Senior Care Advisors." They will work with you to help you get answers to all those questions. 

 Once you find the place, you need to figure out how you will pay for it and that is quite a hurdle for many. Many people find themselves in a situation where they are cash poor and house or land rich. Every single one in my family at the outset of moving into an assisted care they had their Social Security income as the only income, they had savings, but if they didn't, then they needed to access the money on their real estate quickly. There are investors that can be sought to buy your home quickly as is to get you that cash right away, but understand that you will end up selling for about 75% of the value after all fees. That could cost you months if not years of money to continue to live in the senior living place of your choice. Don't let someone talk you into this as a first option because you are panicking. There are resources that you can borrow against your home or property to pay your costs until it is sold. Giving you the opportunity to take your time and get top dollar for you property. Google Senior Bridge Loans. 

There are so many different resources available to help guide you so you won't feel like you are feeling your way through in the dark. At Caring Transitions Indy North our primary job is to take all the stress of facing all your stuff, how to sort it, pack it, move it, and sell what you won't take. Taking a huge load off you and your family. We also have developed relationships with people who we trust who do those things above and much, much more so we can be a guide and resource for you to find the experts you need. Don't rush in without asking for help. 

Jim Morgan, Director of Outreach