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I Can't Think About That Now, I'll Think About it Tomorrow!"

 Posted by Renee Anderson on April 12, 2019 at 3:40 PM

 Like poor Scarlett O'Hara, far too often the very thought of making a move, especially one where we are right sizing our lives out of our long-time family home, is simply too overwhelming to face. We want to put it off, think about it tomorrow, avoiding the stress of even thinking about it much less actually doing it. Unfortunately, this has a strong tendency to increase the price we must pay in stress, money, and frustration. 

 By waiting, putting off, trying to avoid, we lose opportunities that are available to us now, that might not be there when it goes from being a good idea to a requirement. Options that are available financially can go away with government mandated look back periods. Maybe moving closer to where family can help with some of the load of every day life sooner will give us extended years of independent living.  The option of an easily maintained patio home might be a great opportunity today, but as my in-laws found by waiting was that by the time they knew they had to move, that no longer was a safe option either. 

 As someone who has gone through this multiple times with multiple family members, don't hide from it, take a good look today at what options exist before you need to. It is better to sit back and not do anything, if it isn't necessary if you know what is out there, are prepared and have a plan in place than to try to scramble at the last second. It is much easier to make better decisions when you aren't desperate. 

 Have you ever found yourself thinking it might be a good idea as an empty nester to downsize from the family home to something smaller? Something with less maintenance giving you more time to do other things. However every time you think about it you look around the house at all the stuff and go into Scarlett mode, call us. If you are finding you, or your parents need more assistance and are thinking about looking at communities that can provide that, but the idea is scary or overwhelming, call us. 

 Take the stress off your shoulders. Call Renee Anderson at 317-840-7861 or randerson@caringtransitions.com to set up your FREE consultation. She will come out, go over all that we can offer as services, help you space plan, analyze what you have and how to handle it all. There is no stress here, just a possible solution to stress. If afterward you are still not ready to go any further, you are now armed with a lot more information and a lot of the fear of the unknown is melted away. 

Jim Morgan
Director of Outreach 
Caring Transitions Indy North