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Keep Calm and Carry On

 Posted by Renee Anderson on July 12, 2019 at 9:40 AM

 There are rumors, that individuals and families, actually plan where Mom or Dad can get more care than on their own, and have an orderly process to get there. From my experience in my own family that idea seems as likely as riding to work on a unicorn.  For us, there was much talk, even more balk, until something happened that created a panic of immediate need. At such times it is the ultimate "Deer in the headlights" moment. Everything coming at you at once, triggering an almost fight of flight response, seemingly shutting down your ability to sort through all you face. Does this sound remotely familiar?

 Let me share with you some good news. You don't have to face it alone, there are many who do this for a living waiting to jump in. As someone who has faced that panic too many times, one of the greatest things that Caring Transitions Indy North provides is their first free visit. No strings, no pressure, you have plenty of that already. Our professionals sit down with you, your family, in your home and start showing you how they can take so much of that overwhelmed feeling off your shoulders. You have so many things you must explore at that moment, so many decisions you must make, they show you how that seemingly mountain of accumulations of a lifetime in the house will be sorted, packed, sold, dispersed and then settled into the new and the old clean and ready for sale or whatever you like. All this will all be done for you while you are tending to the other things needed at this time. 

 Even better news, the ones holding your hands in this part from Caring Transitions Indy North also have relationships with professionals in Elder Law, Finance, In Home Care, both medical and non-medical, many different forms of support to your family and caregivers they can share with you to make other areas less frightening as well. This way, you can focus on your family and not worry about all the stuff. I can't tell you how much I wish I knew of all this when it was my family in the headlights. 

 Keep Calm so you can Carry On. 

Guest Blogger - Jim Morgan