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What Is Adult Day?

 Posted by Jim Morgan on January 13, 2020 at 6:31 PM

 Guest Blog By: Lisa Chubb, MSN, RN, WCC, RAC-CT, CMAC, CRN-C

The adult day setting is a center where adults who might have a disability or need socialization can go during the day that is safe, fun, and homelike. Loneliness is becoming a health crisis. It can be as bad on your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Adult Day Care allows for a caregiver of a Guest to run errands or get some much-needed rest. In the past these centers have focused on only one area of care such as socialization, medical services, or Alzheimer’s Dementia care. When interviewing Adult Day Care centers, you should ask which of or how many of these three they serve, and what is most important to you.

Adult Day Care centers often offer a wide variety of activities, some offer outing personalized to each guest's likes and normal routines. These are also things to ask about when interviewing for the best fit for your loved one. Do they offer a daily routine that is much like the one the guest is used to at home? Do they have a quiet sitting room with sensory stimulation to soothe their soul? Do they have outings to nature walks, gardening, fishing, cooking out or to movie theaters, or bowling or museums and more?

As far as the fragmented health care system of today goes, Adult Day has you covered. Ask if there is an RN and or LPN on staff and present on site daily. Some Adult Day Care centers will offer medical care at the center and others even offer a coordinated health care service. Medical needs can be met when working with the Guest’s primary care physician.

When looking for an Adult Day center inquire about the meal programs. Are meals prepared onsite? Are they healthy, organic meal each day? Does the center consult with a dietitian to ensure that only the healthiest menu options are served? The center should also keep in mind that there is also a time for indulgence as well. All

the food should be made with fresh, organic, locally sourced ingredients. This allows for holistic care at it’s finest. The Adult Day centers want to ensure that the care provided is for each person, holistically.

Adult Day Care centers are charged with the duty to keep people at home for as long a safely possible. Each Guest served daily has unique needs and wants, and the centers should identify and support individuals holistically. Tour an Adult Day Care center today to ensure you can help spread the word on what this industry has to offer.

By: Lisa Chubb, MSN, RN, WCC, RAC-CT, CMAC, CRN-C - 

Vice President

Independent Adult Day Care Centers

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