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This Too Shall Pass, But What Now?

 Posted by Renee Anderson on May 10, 2020 at 1:11 PM

 Today we are facing unprecedented times around the globe. We are making up new rules as we go, what was once a known way of doing things now we must consider what is best all over again. One of my long-time favorite sayings is "This Too Shall Pass." It works in all situations good or bad. When we feel like we own the world and can do no wrong, the idea that it is temporary keeps us humble. When we feel like the weight of the world is trying to crush us, it reminds us that we just need to hang in there and things will get better. 

 My wife has embraced a new saying during this COVID-19 world that really resonates with me, "We are all in the same storm, but we are not in the same boat." How true that is, we all face the overarching enemy of COVID-19 and the brand new restrictions imposed by others and those we have chosen for ourselves. But each has a different experience, could you imagine a more vastly different boat than the young mom, who is now working from home, as well as teaching her children and trying to take care of her family, vs someone who is totally alone in their home, not tech savvy and isolated from everyone? 

 At Caring Transitions Indy North, we have been fortunate to continue to serve our clients throughout. Yes, there have been many adjustments and rethinking how to best serve our client's needs in these circumstances. But thankfully we have been able to do so. During the shut down, when someone found themselves absolutely in need of moving, maybe into a Senior living community that was accepting new residents, or to the home of one of their kids, but needed to sell their house to help pay for their needs, we were able to do so. If they wanted to do an Estate sale which wasn't possible during the shut down, we rented a warehouse to take their things to store for a future sale. When moving into a Senior community we were able to work with their staff to determine the best way for all to feel most comfortable. It included our team wearing the protective equipment, cleaning and sanitizing all the things being moved in, even working with the staff in some cases where we would get the client's things to the door and the community staff taking them into their apartment. In other words, how can we best help you meet your needs?

 Now that we will be soon seeing many more Senior communities reopen to those who have been waiting, we are committed to making sure that our procedures are meeting and surpassing what each community will want to protect their current residents as they open their arms to serve and protect those new residents who need them. 

Guest blogger; Jim Morgan, Outreach Director for Caring Transitions Indy North