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Have You Wondered "What Are We Going To Do?"

 Posted by Jim Morgan on September 13, 2020 at 2:33 PM

 When I was helping my uncle move twice in ninety days it made me wonder "how do people do this if they don't have kids living nearby?" Who helps them? Who disrupts their lives, takes time off work, does the leg work, and provides the muscle to help them move and all that is involved? 

 My uncle has been a lifelong bachelor, my siblings all live out of state, what if I did? His first move in twenty seven years was to a first floor apartment in the same building he had been living in for decades. Three months later to an assisted living community when it became crystal clear he needed a more social environment, where he has absolutely thrived. But those two moves, there is no way he could have done them. Today's families scatter across the globe, work schedules are ever increasing in hours and competition, making it harder and harder to work these things into lives in the emergency timelines that normally occur. 

 That is why I am so passionate about Caring Transitions and what they do. Caring Transitions is that source that will do the sorting, organizing, going through every piece of paper finding the critical documents, going through all those things "hidden" throughout the years and finding those valuable things, be they jewelry, cash, or precious mementos and making sure that they go to you and your family. All their employees are fully background checked, insured and bonded, to make sure you get your valuables. 

 Caring Transitions will also help you pack, move, unpack, and set up your new place as if you have lived there for years. They will help you clean out what needs to be discarded, take chemicals and electronics where they are to be disposed, shred your documents, and will help you sell your excess things through Estate Sales, Online Auctions to help you use your old stuff to pay for your move and clean out of your old home. 

 You are not in this alone, you have people that can help, not only in the move and things that go with that, we work with professionals all throughout the senior services community and can help you find anyone you might need for any service you may need.