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Do You Value Your Time? Your Back? Your Sanity?

 Posted by Jim Morgan on June 11, 2021 at 5:45 PM

 When it is time to downsize a family home, after decades of family life, the mountains of stuff can be intimidating and overwhelming. Often we just keep putting it off and pretending it will go away somehow if we ignore it long enough. But that never works, the day comes when we cannot pretend any more. At those moments it feels like the weight of it all is weighing down on your shoulders. 

What Caring Transitions does is help take that weight off and makes that stuff disappear. It might mean sorting and organizing, maybe it is decluttering, or an estate sale or online auction, it could also include a total clean out, dragging all that stuff out of the attic and up from the basement and out of the garage. Ideally, Caring Transitions far reaching followers will bring those who want to buy your stuff, so your stuff, pays to clean out the house and hopefully make you some money as well. 

 Sure you might be able to save a buck by doing it all yourself, but when you consider the value of your time, maybe in lost work, definitely in a sore back, or risking your own health lifting and carrying all that out, and the simple peace of mind to have it resolved, all of that and more is part of what you need to consider. 

 If you want to save a dollar and do it yourself, I get it, I have always pinched pennies. I did my in-law's, parent's and uncle's places. Knowing now what I didn't know then, I would NEVER do that EVER again, I would find someone like Caring Transitions to save my time, sanity and my back. 

Guest Blogger: Jim Morgan, Director of Outreach for Caring Transitions Indy North