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Moving Your Parents?

 Posted by Renee Anderson on July 14, 2021 at 7:21 PM

 At Caring Transitions Indy North, our job is to make your life easier, to remove stress and provide solutions for you and your family. Recently completed a job for a family, who was moving their parents to live with them in an addition they added to their home in another city. But first, the contents of the family home accumulated over the last fifty years needed to be sorted, organized, packed, moved to the new city, then what was remaining dealt with. 

 So we took it in steps, this is an emotionally charged moment going through fifty years of treasures, determining what stays and what goes. All the emotions attached to the memories they stir to the surface. Part of our job is to be respectful and honoring of those memories, but to also be empathetic but not involved in those personally to help determine what goes and what might just be photographed to capture that memory without filling the space with the item. 

 We first helped them sort and organize everything, determining what was to be packed and moved, what was to be sold in an estate sale to help offset the costs and what was to be discarded. We then packed them, worked with the mover to move them. After their move, it was time to deal with everything left behind. So a two day estate sale and then a final clean out, donations and house swept clean and ready for their REALTOR. 

 The last two parts done while they were already living in their new city. It is wonderful to help a family, remove the burden of labor, time, stress off their shoulders and allow them to focus on the people, not their stuff.