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A Look Into Alleviating Social Isolation

 Person-Centered Care is crucial due to its ability to create a caring environment centered around the individual’s needs and wants while treating them with the dignity and respect they deserve. This gold-standard of care focuses on caring for the individual beyond their condition while learning to take the resident’s insights and personal beliefs as a valuable aspect of their complete care plan.  You wouldn’t want to be cared for against your wishes or against your control, would you? This is why we believe so strongly in providing facilities with the tools to deliver person-centered care so they can care for your loved ones as if they never left home. 

 Your loved ones’ mental well-being is of the utmost importance and therefore deserves care that alleviates social isolation by providing our Family Communication Feature through our innovative software. This tool facilitates 2-way communication via pictures, videos, music, etc. between you and your loved ones. Our system strives to provide peace of mind by keeping families updates on all residents’ medical & social well-being so no one is the last to know. 

 Simply stated, we wish for your loved ones’ to receive compassionate and diligent care because that’s exactly what they deserve.

Guest Blogger -  Care Connect App Team. 

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