The Look of Pure Relief On Her Face Was Amazing

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 The solutions-based services that Caring Transitions offers truly solves the overwhelmed family’s stress. One of our most recent solutions was for a family, who had taken on the responsibility of helping a friend in need. Their friend was facing a move from her home to an assisted living community and memory care. She had a house and all her possessions to sell or remove, as well as moving friend to her new apartment.

 We were able to look at the situation and solve them one at a time. First taking care of the immediate, and helped her sort, pack and move those things her friend wanted and needed to her new apartment and replicate their placement to make it look and feel as much like home as possible.

 After she was safe and sound in her new apartment, the team returned to her house sorted, organized and staged a two-day estate sale drawing in enough revenue to cover all her expenses of downsizing and moving. At the end of the sale all remaining items were taken to charity or for repurposing, all documents shredded, chemicals and electronics properly disposed. The family heirloom grandfather’s clock was prepped and shipped to relatives out of state.

 After the house was cleaned out, the top professional REALTOR, we introduced, started the process of selling the property. Allowing the family who has taken all of this on themselves to support their friend to go back to their own lives feeling great about the care their friend received. The reward of seeing the look of pure relief on our client's face was amazing, and why we so love what we do. 

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