Can Your Old Stuff Give You A Fresh Start?

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 There is no such thing as a one size fits all solution for everyone's needs we meet. Caring Transitions is very much a solution based provider. Each of our clients have very different wants, needs, concerns and fears, each deserves and receives their own solutions. The most important meeting is our first free meeting where we analyze their needs and what they want to accomplish. We then give them, in most cases, several different possible solutions for them to choose. 

 Recently, we had client who needed help in downsizing her house so she could move in with her sister. She was dealing with a new medical issue that made it impractical and unsafe to continue to live alone. Moving into her sister's apartment meant most of the contents of her house would need to find a new home as well. After reviewing options, they chose to have our team come in, prepare and run a two day Estate Sale for them. This was a small ranch, with not any real high end items, but quite a few small things that are often desirable at such sales. The sale was a great success. Most of the things found new homes, and the proceeds paid for her move, and for the clean out of all her items in preparation for her REALTOR to sell the house. 

 The clients were thrilled, relieved of all that stress, and very happy that her "old stuff" paid for her new start. 

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