It Takes a Village

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 There is no one who dislikes the phrase "It Takes a Village" more than I, but in the case of helping to navigate through the maze of things that face seniors, their families and caregivers, it certainly does. At Caring Transitions Indy North we surround ourselves with a myriad of professionals all across the senior care services industries. Hopefully we can  help lead families to help that they need. 

 Recently we were called by a potential client to come unpack and set up their new condo. They had bought a condo sight unseen from out of state to be closer to family, they were both in their late eighties. They started setting things up and just ran out of steam and wanted help going through unpacking and setting up their home. When we were there, we saw several things that needed a handyman to repair that they found from buying as is. Door knobs falling off, screens damaged, and other minor repairs that were a source of annoyance. We were able to help them find a handyman company, TruBlue, who took care of all their  repairs, power washed their garage, have taken care of ongoing household maintenance of filter changing, household weekly cleaning services and more. 

 We were also able to share with them Life's Copilot which is a free service for seniors, their caregivers and family to learn about any sort of questions they may have, and find vetted service providers to ask specific questions and find these needed resources. Life's Copilot

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